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Search Find Save is one stop portal for all e-commerce shoppers. It allows people to Search what they are looking for, Find the deals that allows them to Save money. It's one stop shop for all your internet shopping mall.

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Caribbean Cooking Tips.
Collection of 300+ great tasting Caribbean recipes.
Hypnosis 3 In 1 Package.
3 fantastic and essential Hypnosis guides in one simple package!
Earthspell Override.
Reveals lost and forbidden knowledge Atlantis, the Fall, & on the Original Krist. Huge sale potential.
Meditation Expert.
Info on meditation training, relaxation, peak performance and metaphysical phenomena.
Boost Metabolism & Burn Fat.
weight loss, boost metabolism, burn fat eBook. 118
Alzheimers Tips.
A program that teaches people how to provide quality care to individuals with Alzheimer's disease/ memory loss!
LeanZone 6 Wk Ultimate Fat Burn Program.
Burn almost 700% more body fat per minute with the Isis LeanZone program. 120
A Sign Of The Times Astrology.
Astrological Horoscopes and birth charts. Free Astrological Chartwheel for every visitor. 315
Secret Fish Bait Formulas Revealed.
Make Your Own Fish Bait to Catch More & Bigger Trout, Catfish, and Carp.
500 Years Of Natural Health Secrets.
Classic natural health eBooks help people lose weight, gain energy, reduce pain, improve memory, detox, etc.
How To Stop Hair Loss & Regrow Your Hair.
Unique information for men and women on how to stop hair loss and regrow hair easily & naturally. Free audio download included. 47
Big Daddy Bruce's Your Diet Your Way.
A Three Step Process To Losing Weight & Keeping It Off. 119
The Subliminal Cookbook.
Create powerful, life-changing subliminal Mp3s on your own Pc - software included. 479
How Custom Fit Golf Clubs Help Golfers.
The how and why of custom fit golf clubs. 456
Quick Easy Chinese Vegetarian Cooking.
Easy, healthy, and delicious Chinese vegetarian cookbook package. Complete Chinese vegetarian guide with 400 pages.
5000 year old proven weight loss secrets revealed.
Dr Hartmann's StarFields Intelligence.
Prosperity, Intelligence Enhancement, Emotional Control & Magic Products.
How To Run A Marathon Within Six Months.
How To Run A Marathon within Six Months and Lose over 47 Pounds Without being on a Diet, Weight Loss, Exercise, Running E-book.
Government Dieting Secrets.
Finally revealed! The long-suppressed truth about legalized poisons in your food, making your family sick and obese.
New Niche! Earn 65% Plus Bonuses!
How to Prepare for the Bird Flu is in very high demand! Good money!
Dr. Wayne Dyer's 10 Secrets.
Finally released to the public in electronic form! Dr. Dyer's 10 Secrets revealed!
Cure Athletes Foot In 7 Days.
Cure athlete's foot, nail fungus & jock itch in just 7 days! Newly Increased Commissions. Affiliates receive $17.95 per sale!
How To Deal With Your Man's Erectile Dysfunction.a feminine perspective.
Tap Into Heaven.
Resource Center for Energy Psychology.
Polynesian Tropical Island Theme Party.
How to Organize a Tropical Island Theme Party with authentic Polynesian recipes, desserts, drinks and decorating ideas.
Natural Sleep Secrets - Cure Insomnia.
how to cure insomnia without medication.
Cafe Des Enfants.
Revolutionary New E-Book Exposing the Secrets of Getting Your Kids Eating Healthily the Fun Way. 397
Strength Training For Females.
Great resource for all sports/fitness sites.
Natural Healing For Bipolar Disorder.
Learn how to prevent serious illness and side effects of prescription Rx: Treat Bipolar and Depression Without Medication!
Gain Wealth By Reading The Bible.
Understand What God Says About Money, Wealth And Possessions In 7 Spiritual Steps.
Earthspell Override.
Reveals lost and forbidden knowledge Atlantis, the Fall, & on the Original Krist. Huge sale potential.
Millionaire In 06.
TherapyAve Network.
Licensed Counseling for Adult Problems.
Celebrity Style Dining.
Gourmet recipe book for dining like a celebrity. Features daily menu plans.
12 Hour Cure For Yeast Infection.
New Site, High Conversion, Visit for Information for Affiliates.
Getting Whole, Getting Well.
holistic health eBook. 436
FreshStart - Stop Smoking In One Hour.
High Conversions, Low Refunds. Quality Stop Smoking Site. Quit Smoking Hypnosis (Also See Our Weight Loss / Diet Site) Google.
Fat Loss Tools.
Meal Calorie Planner, Goal Weight & Progrss Chart, Bmr, Fat Burning Zone, Excercise Log Worksheets.
Ac Australian Diet.
Healthy Australian Weight Loss Diet.
Get A Long Lasting Refreshing Deep-Sleep.
Improve your sleep dramatically with the sleephelper! 37,4$ per sale!
Natural Cancer Treatments.
Over 350 treatments & 2,000 testimonials that no-one else will tell you about. Affs: Free promotional Report. Pays $22.61.
Bird Flu - Help Protecting Your Family.
New eBook provides help for the developing pandemic. No installation and you turn the pages like a book on your monitor.
The World Of Chi Kung.
Chi Kung Website, with Chi Kung eBook download. 399
Restaurant Recipes.
Chef's Special is a collection of recipes from real chef's, who work in real restaurants.
Living And Raw Foods.
The largest community on the internet dedicated to educating the world about living and raw foods. 416
From Butt To Breasts Diet.
The revolutionary diet all women will like! 50% commisions, outstanding convertions!
Forever Young, The Anti-Aging Guide.
How the simple art of eating correctly can actually prevent and reverse the aging process!
1001 Beauty Tips, Secrets And Techniques.
Homemade beauty tips, beauty secrets, acne treatments, bath salt recipes, natural beauty, weight loss tips, smoothie recipes.
How To Conquer Fear.
Become empowered and attract success, prosperity & happiness.
The Hard Gainer Report.
Gain Muscle Mass & Size! 123 - Help Site For Mrsa.
Your Online Help Site for Mrsa, Hospital-Acquired Infections, Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, Effective Treatment. 497
The Midas Method.
Personal Growth, Goals & Prosperity Consciousness E-Book. 141
Secrets Of The Indian Restaurant Curry.
Make curries exactly like those you enjoy at the Indian Restaurant. Teaches you how, not just recipes.
Sarah Parker Model And Talent Agency.
Start your Modeling and Acting Career today. 42
Hypnosis Toronto.
guided meditations for attracting true love. 107
Build Your Health, 12 Yoga Exercises.
Here's a Way to Become Tight, Lean, Attractive, Radiant & Remarkably Healthy by using 10 Minutes Yoga a Day!
Natural Stress Relief Meditation.
A very effective meditation technique: a simple remedy against stress and anxiety. Scientifically validated. 320
Best Premature Ejaculation Affiliates P.
The best program to promote products for Pe market.
Fix That Glove!
eBook on how to quickly repair/restore baseball and softball gloves.
Qi Gong Exercise.
The Indespensable Qi Gong Book For People On The Go!
Jesus: The Man And His Work.
Long lost lecture by Wallace D. Wattles, author of The Science of Getting Rich, reveals the shocking truth about Jesus!
Self Improvement: The Top 101 Experts.
This eBook is best described as an Encyclopedia of Self Improvement with information on 101 of the top Experts in the industry.
Extreme Fat Loss Secrets.
You will lose weight and fast! Proven, Guaranteed Weight Loss Secrets. 58
Bioterrorism 101.
Natural methods - both ancient and modern - for coping with bioterrorism diseases.
Controlling Herpes Naturally.
The only complete source for natural remedies for genital herpes, cold sores & shingles. Solid information for real relief.
Action Guide - Eliminate Procrastination.
Discover the winning Strategies That You Can Use immediately to Eliminate Procrastination and Indecision from your life.
Mind Power Books.
Enjoy high commissions and conversions on the largest collection of powerful self-improvement books available anywhere.
No More Hemorrhoids.
30 Recipes, 30 Ingredients.
Keep these 30 ingredients in the house and you'll always have a great meal!
Unalloyed Tai Chi Chuan.
Amazing Conversions, Easy Ppc Sales! From China Absolutely Authentic, eBook + Videos just $8.95.
Who Has Your Power.
Enriched Self Empowerment and helping you create a Happier more Exciting life! 79
One (1) Magic Carb (minus) - 2 Fat Storing Items = No More Belly Fat! For Dieting Or Body Building. No Will-Power Needed! 500
Cappuccino & Success.
101 short motivational stories to beat the blues and Turn You On positively!
The Choices Energy Psychology Manual.
Training Manual for the Choices Method by P. Carrington Ph.D.
Chopper's On The Cheap E-Book.
Saving money on Dental Needs. 108
Skin Care Magic.
How to get rid of pimples with ingredients in your kitchen cabinets!
Hypnosis 3 In 1 Package.
3 fantastic and essential Hypnosis guides in one simple package!
19 Hypnosis Sessions As Mp3 At One Site.
19 chances to make 30% on the 3rd most popular hypnosis website on the net.
All Of Me.
Dating guide for plus sized people. 466
Holistic Harmony Network.
We enable our members and guests to clarify their lives and goals and create health, harmony and happiness as well as growth. 118
Chronic Tension Headaches Program.
Teaches a little-known soft-tissue technique - similar to acupressure - that gets rid of chronic tension headaches.
New Concept To Solve Panic/Anxiety.
Self-help kit of E-book and 2 Mp3 includes All successful ways to beat anxiety, panic attacks and phobias. 121
My Victory Over Cancer.
Learn how to have total victory over cancer through excercise and nutrition. $13.35 Affiliate Payout.
Sexual Enhancement Organization.
Penis Enlargement & Sexual Enhancement.
LeanZone 6 Wk Ultimate Fat Burn Program.
Burn almost 700% more body fat per minute with the Isis LeanZone program. 114
Fit Over 40.
Amazing inspirational anti-aging, health and weight loss e-book for the over 40 crowd.
World Of Alternatives.
Psychic development, self hypnosis & sound therapy downloads. High conversion rate. Top affiliates earn over $10K per month.
End Depression Now.
An easy and very effective way of finding lasting happiness.
A Physician's Weight-Loss Secret.
Drug-Free Weight-loss Prescription - No-Starving. No calorie counting. Effective, Safe. 14 years proven Results.
Ultimate William Shakespeare Collection.
Contains All 37 Plays, 4 Poems, 54 Sonnets. Completely Formatted
Firm And Flatten Your Abs.
Quickly shrink your waistline, lose body fat, eliminate low back pain and develop a stunning set of six pack abs.
Understanding Incontinence.
Stop the embarrassment today! - 50% commission. 136
Living On Level 7.
The eBook with a soul: reveals the secrets of consciously creating a powerful and extraordinary life! 393
Best Premature Ejaculation Affiliates P.
The best program to promote products for Pe market.
Effective Christian Leadership Course.
Christian Leadership Course for an Effective and Maximised Life. 93
Chronic Fatigue Exposed.
Exposing the real issues and treatments for chronic fatigue syndrome. 475
Lose Weight Without Dieting.
An easier way to lose weight. Learn the secrets of the masters! Free Affiliate Reprint Articles. 51
The Sidereus Foundation.
Quality Web Based Trainings.
Fat To Buff.
Burn 50 Pounds of Fat Without Supplements. 104
How To Conquer Gout Safely & Effectively.
Rid yourself of Gout forever!
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